Range of cleaning services offered by Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning


At Melbourne Vacate & Carpet Cleaning we offer a range of house cleaning services to cover most of your cleaning needs. We offer end of lease cleaning services for when your rental is ended & you require thorough home cleaning of your property from oven cleaning to spot wiping of walls. This cleaning is also known as vacate cleaning, move out cleaning, move in cleaning, exit cleaning, bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning Melbourne. Continue reading

How the condition of your property impacts the quote?

At the time of quoting for an end of lease or vacate clean, we like to know the condition of the property as it directly impacts the quote. For instance, we have 2 customers. Both have 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom apartment that requires end of lease cleaning.  Both customers are given 2 different quotes. Now how can we give 2 different quotes to 2 customers who have exactly the same size property & require the same cleaning service, right? Continue reading

We pride in transparency to all our Cleaning and Carpet steam cleaning customers

For a professional cleaning company, the less misunderstandings are there between their customers and their cleaners, the better outcome/experience they are all likely to get. So as a business who prides itself in best vacate cleaning services and carpet steam cleaning Melbourne, we do everything in our power to make sure that our customers are on the same page as us, when we start the job. Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning is an ethical company who wants our customers to be well informed & is very transparent to them in terms of what we do & how we do it. Continue reading

Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning has raised $1218.00 for Cancer Council Victoria

Unfortunately Cancer does not only affect an individual but their whole family. The emotional distress that it causes is beyond any imagination. The psychological stress of dealing with this is just unbearable. By Cancer Council statistics, In 2016 it is estimated that the cancer will cause 46,880 deaths (26,566 males and 20,314 females). It changes everyone’s life & we are all touched by it at some stage in our life. We at least know one person whom we lost due to cancer or is battling with this horrible disease. Continue reading

Advantages of using professionals for Vacate Cleaning

A large number of people live as tenants and when they decide to shift to another location, cleaning of the vacated home becomes necessary. Once you pack all your items, the first thing to do is to get the cleaning job done in an efficient manner. This is an important step and must be carried out in the proper manner. Though you can do the job yourself, but hiring a pro for the task is highly recommended by the agents. This is not necessary but it has lots of advantages. Continue reading

Stay healthy with professional house cleaning services in Melbourne

Since our childhood, we have been taught to keep our surroundings clean in order to stay away from diseases and poor health. Those who manage to keep up can choose to stay healthy and less prone to harmful diseases while those who don’t, remain highly susceptible to disastrous conditions. As most of the time we spend in our homes, it is necessary to keep it super clean and tidy. But many times we find ourselves unable to pay great attention to our home due to lack of time. Continue reading

Ensure better health with professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne

Upholstery cleaning is one side of cleaning which is less popular despite its significance in today’s times. As its name indicates, this kind of cleaning is done to keep your upholstery clean and tidy, visually good and smelling fresh again. And it is best done by cleaning professionals who carry expertise in such services. Professional and trustworthy cleaners use only great quality of products and bio-degradable chemical solutions that are found to be safe for you and your family. Like rugs and carpets, upholstery has to be cared and maintained regularly. Continue reading

Record Breaking Cleaning & Carpet Steam Cleaning Inquiries since December 2015

Melbourne Vacate & Carpet Cleaning is a renowned name in the area of professional cleaning services & carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the services. No matter what your budget is & which type of carpet you have, we have professionals who take pride in carrying out the best-in-industry cleaning services. Due to our impeccable carpet cleaning services and commitment to perfection, we have received record breaking cleaning & carpet cleaning inquiries since December 2015. Continue reading

If You Want Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne Then Hire Professional Cleaners

Carpet cleaning is a difficult chore that is best left to professional cleaners. Otherwise, you might end up with damp carpets and worse, you can even damage your flooring. Professional cleaners possess the knowledge, experience, and the highest-quality cleaning equipment, all of which are crucial factors when it comes to a reliable carpet cleaning service. These professionals use a powerful portable steam cleaning machine to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and dries fast. Continue reading

How to obtain accurate Vacate Cleaning quote

We receive a number of inquiries everyday,  some by direct phone call and some by email. There is very small percentage of customers who will email us very precise information about the property. But majority of customers who like to receive quote by email will give us only quick information like ” Can you quote on 3 bedroom house clean”. There is not much here to quote on ! We believe that the most accurate and convenient way to obtain quote for vacate cleaning in Melbourne is by having a brief conversation over the phone. The reason for this is because there are lot of factors which can have a great impact on the quote. By having telephonic conversation with the customer, we can find out  the real picture hence we can provide them with pretty accurate quote. Continue reading