Organising vacate cleaning in Melbourne

Organising vacate cleaning in Melbourne

Time to move out? Re-locating to another place can be really stressful. You need to consider numerous things like having to turn off the utilities (gas & power), changing postal address, updating licenses, insurances, gas, water & power companies, telecommunication company, internet company, Medicare & so on. On top of it you have to pack in advance plus organising a reputable removalist company to make sure that they arrive on time and do the given task within the time frame without damaging anything.

After everything has been moved out, you have got even bigger task ahead of you “Cleaning the premises with utmost perfection to get your bond back in full”. The last thing you would want to do is run around to purchase the cleaning products and then having to use elbow & grease to clean the place to agent’s satisfaction. This is when you start looking around for companies who specialise in vacate cleaning in Melbourne.

How do you figure out which company to hire for vacate cleaning?

Few tips for your help:

  1. Price – Check the price. If someone is charging peanuts for the vacate cleaning, then steer away. As you will be likely to get cheap labourers who have no cleaning experience/communication skills/insurance/guarantee. In most of the cases, the cleaning does not pass agent’s inspection and you will have to re-clean the premises yourself. This industry operates on the same principle as any other “What you pay is what you get”. You want an efficient & experienced company who does vacate cleaning day in and day out & their charges are reasonable for what they offer. They don’t hire cheap labour. They pay well to their cleaners & hence can offer you fully insured, fully equipped & experienced cleaners whose primary focus is to make customers happy.
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee/ bond back guarantee – Are they able to provide the satisfaction guarantee on the quality of their cleaning? Do they really honor it or its just a gimmick to trap customers and never go back if the customer is not happy? With satisfaction guarantee if the time period is too long then be aware. You must have heard, when something is too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Reputation – This is an online era. Hence check their online reputation through google reviews etc. Experience directly equates to how long have they been in the industry for?
  4. Communication – Do they have open channels for communication so you can reach them easily like through emails, phone numbers, contact forms, website etc.
  5. ABN – Does the business have current ABN?

We at Melbourne Vacate and Carpet cleaning offer all of the above. We provide vacate cleaning service in Melbourne for many years. Our prices are reasonable. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee valid for 3 days. Our experienced cleaners come fully equipped & insured.

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Our reputation is best in Melbourne when it comes to vacate cleaning.

Our service can include carpet steam cleaning , window cleaning, cleaning your oven, spot wiping your walls and cleaning your balcony floor too. We can steam clean your upholstery if its fully furnished place. This cuts the hassle for you to organise multiple companies, we can do it all. All you have to do is give us the access to your premises & your place will be all done when you come to pick up the key.

We have a clear vacate cleaning checklist displayed on our website Melbourne Vacate & Carpet Cleaning  for your peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We confirm all the vacate cleaning jobs a day before. All we ask from our customers is to remember who they have booked & block that date in the diary so there is no misunderstanding or confusion later on. If for some reason you have to move the vacate cleaning date, then just let us know and we will endeavour our best to help you out.

For any vacate cleaning needs in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to reach us on or phone 1800 015 669 or visit our website for any queries/questions/bookings.