How to obtain accurate Vacate Cleaning quote

We receive a number of inquiries everyday,  some by direct phone call and some by email. There is very small percentage of customers who will email us very precise information about the property. But majority of customers who like to receive quote by email will give us only quick information like ” Can you quote on 3 bedroom house clean”. There is not much here to quote on ! We believe that the most accurate and convenient way to obtain quote for vacate cleaning in Melbourne is by having a brief conversation over the phone. The reason for this is because there are lot of factors which can have a great impact on the quote. By having telephonic conversation with the customer, we can find out  the real picture hence we can provide them with pretty accurate quote.

Listed below are some main factors which play significant role in making our decision about the price.

1) Location of the property – Some far areas we don’t cover.

2) Time & date – When does it need to be done? Some jobs need to be very urgent and needs to be done right away and we might not have the availability and resources to do it.

3) Condition of the property – One of the most important factor in quoting is condition of the property. Sometimes we get very well maintained properties to clean and sometimes very dirty properties where showers and floors haven’t been cleaned for number of months, greasy kitchens, fat dripping off of the ceiling, mold everywhere etc. This can take twice or more time & resources to clean it, hence the difference in quote.

4) Size of the property – How many bedrooms & bathrooms do you have, how many carpeted rooms do you have, does the carpet need steam cleaning etc. Basic description like if it is a house, townhouse, unit or an apartment?

5) Windows– Do you want to include windows in our vacate cleaning service? How many windows and haow many panels per window do you have?

6) Balcony– How big & grubby is it?

7) Keys – Do the keys need to be picked up and dropped off to the agent? How far is the agent from the property that needs to be cleaned.

8) Parking – Free parking needs to be provided by the customer or paid for it if required.

9) Electricity– Is the power on? We need power to clean the carpets.

10) Method of Payment – Cash or Card? We have 2.5% surcharge on credit cards.

We recommend customers to check our list of inclusions on and our terms & conditions on to avoid any misunderstanding.

Please tell us if there is anything unusual about your property as compare to common houses. For instance you might have architecturally designed house which has extremely high ceilings or a lot of glass, has perhaps more than 1 oven or has built in fridge & microwave & is twice the size of an average house. These variations do impact the quote so it is better to mention it at the time of obtaining the quote.

For all of the above reasons, we prefer if customers leave their phone number on our online inquiry form so we can quickly go through all this and get a real picture about your property and give you the right price for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

Please call us on our Toll Free number 1800 015 669 to obtain a quote or visit us at Our cleaners are police screened, fully insured, experienced and punctual. We supply all the necessary equipment and chemicals to do vacate cleaning Melbourne wide, so you don’t have to worry about anything.