How to get an accurate Carpet Cleaning quote

Thanks to the online world, our life has become so much easier. We have access to any possible information regarding house cleaning companies and carpet cleaning companies within a click of a button. You can request a quote by making a phone call, sending an online inquiry, or by having an online chat with some providers. The whole idea is to get as accurate quote as possible.

Some of you must have experienced that you were charged more at the end than what was quoted initially & that makes you furious. But, trust me when I say this, the well reputed and professional companies don’t like doing this to their customers either, as they want the customer to use them again and perhaps give some referrals too. Neither party wants misunderstanding. So how do we resolve this issue?

The best way is to provide enough & correct information when you inquire about carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. The majority of online inquiries that we receive are very short. Some customers will just ask to get a quote for a 3 bedroom house or some will say ” Can I  have a quote for 3 rooms”.

None of this information is enough to provide the customer with an accurate quote for carpet steam cleaning as 3 bedroom house can have only 3 bedrooms carpeted or can also have lounge room carpeted or may have combined lounge dining carpeted too. Some people can have wide entrance and long hallways. Carpets can be dirty or opposite. Carpets can be heavily stained and have a lot of pet hair which makes carpet steam cleaning harder. Some people are happy to vacuum the carpet prior to steam cleaning in order to save a bit of money.

Another example, some people will inquire about steam cleaning of 2 bedroom apartment but they forget to mention if its on ground floor or on higher levels, if there is any lift in the building, how many flight of stairs to get to their apartment. Most of the carpet cleaning companies charge extra for dragging the heavy machine upstairs. Its important to know if there is any parking and is it free. Some places in CBD have no parking in the building and almost impossible to park on the street.

In a nutshell, there are 6 things to mention when asking for a carpet cleaning quote:

1) Is it a house, apartment, unit, townhouse or a commercial building?

2) How many rooms, size of the rooms, any carpeted stairs etc.?

3) Condition of the carpet, any stains, any pet hair etc.?

4) Location, what floor, any lift or not?

5) Free parking will be provided or not, payment options?

6) Are you flexible with your time & date?

The more information we have about your carpet, condition, access etc., the more accurate quote we can provide you with.  The best way is to give us a call, we are always within a reach, ready to  ask these details in case if you forget to mention them. We provide Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne wide along with other cleaning services if required. Please call us on 1800 015 669 or visit our website for more information.