Frequently asked questions on carpet steam cleaning

What is carpet steam cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is also called hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the best term to define it. Usually, carpeted area is pre-sprayed with special carpet cleaning solution and then the solution is extracted using hot water with the help of portable carpet steam cleaning extractor/machine. It rinses and sucks the dirty residue back into the carpet cleaning machine. Please feel free to check the whole method by clicking this link.


What is the real estate agent’s & carpet manufacturers preferred choice of carpet cleaning?

The agents prefer to get the carpets steam cleaned over any other carpet cleaning method as it thoroughly & deeply cleanses the carpeted area. A similar recommendation by the carpet manufacturers too.


Does carpet cleaner offer couch cleaning, mattress cleaning, chairs cleaning, rugs cleaning, car seats cleaning, upholstery cleaning etc.?

Yes, our carpet cleaners are fully equipped to do any upholstery cleaning, cleaning of a variety of rugs, car seats, upholstered dining chairs, couches, cushions, ottomans etc. Please feel free to check further information on upholstery cleaning by clicking this link.


How long does it take for the carpets to get dry?

Depending on the weather, ventilation, temperature of the house, pile of the carpet, it may take on average about 4-5 hours for carpets to get dry.


Can we walk on the carpets immediately after the steam cleaning?

We recommend not to unless it’s absolutely necessary. To minimise the re-soiling of the carpets and to keep the appearance good, we recommend walking bare feet with clean soles or with clean slippers. Try not to walk on it especially when its end of lease carpet cleaning & you want the carpets to look good until the agent’s inspection.


Do you guarantee the removal of stains?

Depending upon the nature of the stain, the age of the stain, the type of carpet it is on, the colour of the carpet will all predict the outcome whether the stains would come off or not. Some stains like urine stains, cordials stains can dye/burn/bleach the carpet permanently. Usually, there are some stains you thought will never come off can come off very easily and some may never come off. However, we endeavour to clean the carpet to its best potential & guarantee to do the best possible job.


Can you reach the higher floors without lift or can you clean 3 story townhouse?

Yes, we sure can. We use professional good quality carpet steam cleaning machine and they are extremely big and heavy. Hence it makes it very hard to take them upstairs. We can only take it up 3 flight of stairs maximum. Extra charges apply on top. For 3 story townhouses, it can be done by leaving the machine downstairs and just running the extended hose to the top floor.


Do you need parking/close access to the area?

Yes and No. We use a powerful portable machine on the wheels which can be taken to high rise buildings via lift & pretty much anywhere with an easy access. However, we still require parking in the area to be able to load and unload the carpet cleaning gear & to leave the van behind. Paid parking must be paid by the customer. In Melbourne CBD, we require guaranteed parking inside the apartment building.


Hope it answers most of your questions. However, if you still have any more questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 015 669 or fill in a contact/query form on our website