Carpet Steam Cleaning: Is It Effective?

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the popular methods for cleaning, sanitising and deodorising carpets, especially when you need to cover a larger area at home or office. As compared to other methods of carpet cleaning, it is one of the most preferred methods in the world as it can effectively clean carpets while maintaining their quality and appearance. Steam cleaning can also restore your carpet to make it look and feel new again.

Carpets are typically difficult to clean and maintain. Regular vacuuming will help get rid of debris and mites from the surface, but not stains and deep-seated dirt. Hiring steam cleaning service is an excellent way for removing the toughest stains, as well as mould, dust mites, and fleas. Hence, it is also recommended for homes that have pets. Professional cleaning company can also effectively deodorise and sanitise your carpets, so they will look and smell fresh and new.

As an added bonus, carpet steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly way to clean carpets. This method uses water based biodegradable chemicals manufactured by professionals to accomplish the removal of stains. All it takes is some amount of heat and water & a lot of knowledge. Despite its name, the cleaning process does not exactly involve steam. The method utilises a powerful suction method and hot water to loosen dirt, debris, dust, stains, and other stubborn elements in rugs and carpets. The carpet is pre-sprayed first to loosen all the debris and lift up the dirt and stains from the carpet. Further hot water is used for extraction. The fine mist of hot water gets sprayed on the carpet while you are vacuuming with the quality powerful carpet cleaning machine. This process reduces the cleaning time efficiently, because the carpets are simultaneously cleansed and sanitised.

This method of cleaning carpets is very helpful in reducing respiratory problems and skin allergies at home. Ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot do that, especially when the carpet is too thick. Dirt, mites, and dust can easily get trapped in tightly woven fibres, so suction from an ordinary vacuum cannot get rid of them. Carpet steam cleaning will loosen the dirt and allergens and get rid of them, helping improving your overall health.