Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne: Benefits that You Need to Know

There are many advantages of deep steam cleaning of the carpets. A lot of people aren’t aware of how cost effective carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne is as compared to the regular dry cleaning methods. 

Steam cleaning of carpets is a deep cleaning method where water that has been heated to a high temperature is sprayed on to the carpet with high pressure. This allows deeper penetration of the water into the carpet.

Advantages of deep steam cleaning of the carpets

The build up of the debris deep within the fibres is broken down and the carpet receives a thorough cleaning. The hot water extraction method employs using non-toxic and environment friendly chemicals, specified as per Australian standards, for an enhanced deep cleaning action. Water is extracted out of the carpets being cleaned through strong vacuum action. Hence, the carpets have a faster drying time.

Dry cleaning requires the application of various cleaning chemicals, some of which could be harmful to your carpet. You may have noticed that dry cleaning has not been able to get all the stains out of the carpet. In such cases, some dry-cleaning  companies use colour-lightening chemicals that can reduce the visibility of the stains on the carpet. The super clean effect, however, wears out after a few days of usage. 

Whereas, the deep steam cleansing dislodges stubborn stains present in the carpets. The high temperature of the water also tends to kill germs and moulds while providing a sterilising action. Overall, the carpet becomes, stain, germ and odour free.

The hot water that enters the carpet fibres at a certain pressure dislodges all the debris that could be causing the stain, without harming the fibres. Better cleaning is obtained by the use of environmentally friendly cleaning materials that are mixed with the hot water. This helps in the complete removal of the built up stubborn stain materials from within the carpet fibres. The carpet would be clean right from the top to the bottom layers. This is possible only with the carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods.