Carpet Cleaning in Winter


The last thing on our mind in winter is carpet cleaning, right? Then think again ! Why in winter we tend to get really sick with cold, flu and allergies. Its predominantly because we pass most of our time indoors where heaters are literally cranked up so high. This creates dry air/less humidity which is the best environment for the cold & flu virus to thrive. So how about using this heating in a more positive way by getting the carpets steam cleaned which will not only create humidity but will also kill all the bacteria, germs & allergens too. And, having the carpets get drier much quicker due to the heating is another great bonus, not to forget the added bonus of much cheaper carpet steam cleaning prices in winter than in summer ! So don’t have misconception that carpets should only be cleaned when its warm and sunny outside.At Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning we have great knowledge and experience in carpet cleaning services and in upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne. We started originally as carpet steam cleaning business and been in industry for over 12 years, which puts us on line with the most experienced carpet cleaners in Melbourne.

So don’t hold on until summer, get rid off all the nasties from your carpet or upholstery today by using our steam cleaning services. Just give us a call on 1800 015 669 for all your carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning or vacate cleaning in Melbourne or visit our website for more info. Thanks.