House Cleaning Services Melbourne: Getting the Best Value for Your House Cleaning

It may be hard to find reliable house cleaning services in Melbourne, but this is certainly not impossible! You can find someone whom you can trust to execute their duties effectively for doing a home cleaning work even while all your valuables are lying just in the vicinity. The major concerns that are daunting to the people hiring home cleaning services are the anticipation of the loss of valuable items due to breakage or the home cleaning personnel injuring themselves. Moreover, the clients may be apprehensive about the cleaning techniques the personnel would be employing.

House Cleaning services Melbourne

How to look for cleaning services

It is imperative to get an advice from reliable and impartial sources for your job. If there is someone in the neighbourhood who has a cleaner, you can start by asking from them. If some of your friends or neighbours suggest you a good cleaning service, you can also visit the website of the services and get acquainted with the reviews of the other customers. There are websites that rate businesses and get quality reviews from real customers. It is better to log onto these websites for a realistic evaluation of the services.

Experience and Established Company

An established service would have a long list of references. They would also be deft at dealing with circumstances that you are likely to face. A reputed company should be able to provide you with at least three references that you can call and ask about their experience.

Cleaning methods and supplies

While selecting your cleaning service, it is better to know beforehand whether they would be using their own cleaning supplies or would they want you to bring to your preferred ones.


The cleaning services should provide relevant insurance cover to the employees as well in general for the services. The right insurance is not only beneficial in case any worker accidentally injures themselves at your site but it also protects your assets.

Time taken to clean your house

Once you have determined the services to work for you, you can ask them about the time they would take to clean your premises. Moreover, find out if they are providing you with any kind of guarantee. While you may like to focus on the rate per hour, you should also know what all would be covered in the cleaning and the average number of hours spent in a general service like yours.

If you are looking forward to hiring reliable house cleaning services in Melbourne, you may visit Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning.

Top Three Tips to Find a Vacate Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Planning to move to a new place? Are you vacating your rental home? If yes then it is crucial for you to clean your home rental before leaving so that another tenant can easily get into the house. Cleaning can be a time-consuming and tedious task. So, it is beneficial to get help from the professionals. Hiring a vacate cleaning company in Melbourne will certainly help.

Vacate Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Relocating can be expensive. But, the money you had put as security deposit while renting your house can contribute to your future expenses. Vacate cleaning professionals can help you to get that security deposit without an issue. There are many companies who claim to the best service providers. But for some companies, it does not matter whether you get quality services or not, once you have hired them. So, take your time before making your decision. Here, we are going to tell you about the things you should consider before hiring a vacate cleaning company.

Things to consider while hiring a company for your rental cleaning:

1. Expertise of the Company: Vacate cleaning of a house should be handled by a company that has gained expertise in the field. You need a company that can remove the different types of stains and also, clean each and every corner of your rental space. Finding a good vacate cleaning company can be a daunting task. But once you find a good company, you can expect high-quality work. You can completely rely on that company and you won’t need to redo the work.

2. Reputation of the Company: It is recommended to choose a company that owns a good reputation in the market. You can review a company’s reputation via the internet. You can also ask the company to show their previous work or ask for their previous clients’ contact number. A reputed company will always take care of their customer needs. In order to maintain their reputation in the market, they will always provide the highest quality work.

3. Technology Used by the Company: Good companies always keep themselves up-to-date with new technology. If a company is using new technology for your house cleaning, it is a green signal that they can provide quality services and you can hire them.

These were the major things that you can consider while choosing a vacate cleaning company. If you are looking for a vacate cleaning company in Melbourne, the Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning company can help you.

Vacate Cleaning Melbourne: Top 5 Reasons to Look For Professional Vacate Cleaning Services

Let’s be honest; cleaning is an exhausting job – unless you’re the one who gets a great deal of satisfaction from it. Cleanliness is something that is very important for all of us, but many of us find the process of cleaning boring. I’m sure all of us would love to have a helping hand to clear out the mess from our home and for the whole cleaning process. Furthermore, if you’re looking for vacate cleaning services in Melbourne then you need to do a little research as there are many options to choose from.

Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

In this guide, we will be discussing some of the reasons to look for professional cleaning services:

1.    To make the place hygienic for new tenant
Professional cleaning services ensure to take proper care of the disinfecting in the house. They make sure that no unhygienic conditions arise inside the home that can lead to health problem for the new tenant moving in.

2.   Professional cleaning
Experts and professional cleaners are well aware of their duties and offer a high level of cleaning standards. They have all the latest cleaning equipment for cleaning your space efficiently in the best possible way.

3.    Save your time and efforts
Hiring professional cleaning service providers can definitely save enough of your time and efforts. It’s always good to hire professional service providers so as to get out of the troublesome situations.

4.    Cost-effectiveness
When you hire a professional cleaning company, they come with all the modern equipment, trained professionals, eco-friendly cleaning products and much more. Moreover, cleaning services don’t charge that much. There are many cleaning services that provide offers and deals to their clients.

5.    Peace of mind  
The bottom line is that if you are not good with the cleaning process when you are vacating , you should definitely look forward to hiring professional vacate cleaning services across Melbourne. They’ll definitely make the cleaning process easier.

If you’re looking for vacate cleaning services in Melbourne, then Melbourne Vacate & Carpet Cleaning can prove out to be the best option for you.
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Get Rid Of Stains – Expert Tips for Upholstery Steam Cleaning In Melbourne

A lot of people think that upholstery does not need regular cleaning because it looks good enough. Unfortunately, this is a false perception. You will be shocked to know that the couch which you use every day, is packed and contaminated with germs & bacteria that is seen in toilets and in the worst imaginable places. Regular vacuuming and minor wiping of the couches is good but it would not get rid off all the deep build up grime.

upholstery steam cleaning in Melbourne

You may think that your sofa has no hope to be cleaned and it needs to be replaced. Surprisingly enough your couch can be rescued using the most reliable upholstery cleaning Melbourne method also known as hot water extraction.

This system involves pre-spraying your couch with anti-bacterial upholstery cleaning solution followed by agitating the high traffic grimy parts & then steam cleaning the upholstery, using the rinsing and extraction technique. It is highly recommended and very popular upholstery cleaning Melbourne wide method, practiced globally and recognised by couch manufacturers. It is a proven system that has been in place for many years.

It is recommended not to wait until the couch/upholstery deteriorates to a degree of irreversible damage. Get your upholstery cleaned once or twice a year to prolong the life span & to save the money in long run.

Best way to keep our upholstery germ-free and in good condition is to hire a professional and an experienced upholstery steam cleaning company to steam clean your couches thoroughly. At Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning, We offer professional upholstery cleaning Melbourne wide helping your investment looking beautiful and fresh, bringing back its original look.

Upholstery cleaning services which we offer:

  • Couch Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Chairs Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Car Seats Cleaning
  • Upholstery Protection
  • Flea Treatment

Time To Get Professional Help For All Your Cleaning Hassles

Moving out to a new property can be very exciting and at the same time can be a bit excruciating as it involves packing up&thoroughly cleaning the property to get your bond back.. Why waste time in scrubbing and wasting time & money in buying all the cleaning chemicals when you have the option of hiringa professional end of bond cleaning service in Melbourne.You require a cleaning service that has an excellent reputation for quality and is reliable, so you don’t have to stress yourself to get your bond back in full when moving out. Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning has a team of trained cleaners, who will see to it that your property is left looking sparkling clean. In order to get your end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne, its beneficial to hire a professional cleaning service.

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Organising vacate cleaning in Melbourne

Organising vacate cleaning in Melbourne

Time to move out? Re-locating to another place can be really stressful. You need to consider numerous things like having to turn off the utilities (gas & power), changing postal address, updating licenses, insurances, gas, water & power companies, telecommunication company, internet company, Medicare & so on. On top of it you have to pack in advance plus organising a reputable removalist company to make sure that they arrive on time and do the given task within the time frame without damaging anything.

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Frequently asked questions on carpet steam cleaning

What is carpet steam cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is also called hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the best term to define it. Usually, carpeted area is pre-sprayed with special carpet cleaning solution and then the solution is extracted using hot water with the help of portable carpet steam cleaning extractor/machine. It rinses and sucks the dirty residue back into the carpet cleaning machine. Please feel free to check the whole method by clicking this link.

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End of lease cleaning in Winter !!!!

Winter is time to put your feet up, snuggle up on the couch with a cup of tea or go to your favorite cafe for your freshly brewed coffee and the last thing you want to do is the end of lease cleaning yourself to get your full bond back. End of lease cleaning can be so hectic, having to clean your house from top to bottom and cleaning all those nooks & crannies which we don’t bother cleaning due to lack of time and resources. In addition to that, moving your furniture and other household stuff to your new property, organising the phone connection, internet connection, water & gas connection, notifying your local post office of changing address and the list goes on and on. Continue reading

Our Vacate cleaning service summary

Expect nothing but professionalism from Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning team from the time you make that phone call to the completion of your vacate cleaning job. We endeavour to treat every customer with utmost respect as our motto in life is “ Treat people the way you want to get treated”. Ours is a small business, hence we take time to listen to your needs, to address all your queries and to be able to fully control the cleaning quality,  Customers can reach us comfortably via email, via phone or through our quick contact form on our website Continue reading