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Your lease has ended and it's time to move out!! Organising removalists, power and gas reconnection, packing and other associated things are enough to make anybody exhausted and depressed. On top having to clean the property seems like a daunting task.

Real estate agents present us with vacate cleaning check list and strict expectations are to be met. Some people take on themselves hassle of cleaning when there is as it is enough to do and take care of. The headache of buying appropriate chemicals, sponges and equipment, taking time off work and then spending that time on the house scrubbing is not an ideal option.

Our cleaning company offers professional vacate cleaning service in Melbourne. Also known as End of Lease Cleaning / Bond Cleaning Melbourne or some people call it Exit cleaning / Move out cleaning . It is the same essential cleaning service designed to give your house a thorough and deep clean, following your agent's Vacate cleaning check list and quality expectations.

Don't risk your bond by hiring cheap inexperienced cleaners or try taking too much on yourself. Get it right the very first time by hiring professional and experienced vacate cleaners.  Having proven reputation with excellent reviews & knowledge makes us the best cleaning company in Melbourne.

Vacate Cleaning Melbourne / Move in Cleaning Melbourne Checklist

  1. Dusting and cobwebs removal
  2. Thorough vacuuming & mopping of all the floors
  3. Cleaning & Disinfecting Bathrooms including bathtubs, basins, mirrors, shower screens, tiles
  4. Toilet Cleaning
  5. Cleaning & polishing of mirrors
  6. Cleaning Exhaust fans


  1. Oven inside & outside
  2. Cupboards inside & outside
  3. Dishwasher inside & outside
  4. Range-hood & filters degreased & cleaned
  5. Splashback, benchtops, stove & burners cleaned

Other Inclusions :

  1. Switches, doors, door handles, window seals & skirting boards wiped
  2. Walls spot cleaned
  3. Sweeping Garage & removing cobwebs

Air Freshening & Deodorizing

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