Vacate Cleaning


Vacate Cleaning

Don't spend hours of your valuable time scrubbing your place, just to be told in the end by your agent that its not good enough & you have to do it again or get their cleaners at the expense of your bond.

If you decide to do vacate cleaning yourself then what seems like saving money and an easy task, can end up in 2 days cleaning spree. Taking time off work, running around & buying chemicals from supermarket and then you realise that they don't even work well. Is it worth going through all the stress and hassle?

Give your best shot by using our professional vacate cleaning service. We know what your agent expects & how your property should look like. We use exactly the same check-list and do this on regular basis.

Having a great experience & always striving to be the best in the industry, we continuously focus on 100% customer satisfaction and deliver exceptional services at an affordable price.

What is included in our Vacate Cleaning Service:

 1. Dusting all accessible surfaces & blinds.

 2. Removing cobwebs.

 3. Vacuuming carpets, tiles, floorboards

 4. Mirrors cleaned & polished.

 5. Showers cleaned, baths, all basins, sinks, taps & tiles cleaned.

 6. Exhuast fans cleaned.

 7. Toilets cleaned & disinfected.

 8. All benchtops & splashbacks cleaned.

 9. Oven, stove top, canopy, range-hood filters degreased & cleaned.

10. All cupboards cleaned inside & out.

11. Dishwasher cleaned inside & out.

12. All doors, switches, window seals wiped.

13. Skirting boards wiped.

14. Walls spot cleaned.

15. Mopping of floors.

16. Garage sweeping & removing cobwebs.

 FREE Air Freshening & Deodorizing.


EXTRA services for a nominal fee:

Balconies & window cleaning.

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